My name is Rose, and I'm a summoner in the League of Legends. Feel free to chat ((Independant oc rp blog for LoL)) M!A: None will accept good ones.
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What once was lost…

Jace had left for a private mission, and Rose had been begged to stay behind. She had reluctantly agreed, on the promise that he write every day, otherwise she was going after him. 

The letters had come, for awhile, and she started to relax. Then the letters stopped, in a panic she headed through the Blind Eternities to Ravnica. That had been two weeks ago. She had searched and searched for any sign of him, following any lead she could get her hands on. Everything proved fruitless…and her heart sunk.

She had barely slept at all the two weeks of looking, and her stamina was low. She had been neglecting her other needs as well, determined to find him…but there was no sign of the Planeswalker she had fallen in love with. Tears running down her face she headed to Runeterra again, ending up in her training area.

The summoner looked around at the gashes and scorch marks in the trees..years of training that had turned out to be utterly worthless for finding and saving Jace. What was the point? To not be helpless? She had still ended up helpless in the end, unable to find the only person she could tell her darkest secrets to.

She sighed heavily, and simply fell to her knees looking at the ground in despair. After a long moment of thinking her search over trying to find a loose end she may not have checked out, she simply put her face in her hands and began sobbing. The mage was completely unaware of her surroundings at this point, and if someone had tried to kill her she would welcome it at this point.

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