My name is Rose, and I'm a summoner in the League of Legends. Feel free to chat ((Independant oc rp blog for LoL)) M!A: None will accept good ones.
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Summoner Rose, At your service.
Lost Child @Jacethemindwalker

The newly 5-year-old Rose looked around her home in Piltover in utter confusion. Where was she? This wasn’t home. She was wearing a white turtleneck and purple pants with white sneakers, and a small tiny rose on a chain around her neck. She was scared, and wanted to go home. Mama would be so mad if she got lost.. The child shuddered at the thought. 

Rose and Jace did have plans for the day, but this Rose had no idea, so when she hear a knock on the door she squeaked in terror hiding behind the couch nervously. She didn’t know how to deal with strangers.

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